Just what is the real story behind UFOs? Many people believe that extraterrestrials or aliens from space have been visiting this planet for centuries, travelling in space craft that have been referred to as Flying Saucers and more recently as UFOs—Unidentified Flying Objects.

The governments of this world reject this theory claiming that most sightings can be explained by meteorological phenomenon or something else. However, so many reliable witnesses have come forward with amazing stories that it makes one wonder just what is going on.

The cultists, those who follow and believe in the phenomenon whole-heartedly, want the doors thrown open and the governments of the world to admit to years of hiding the truth from people; that some form of extraterrestrial contact has already occurred and that maybe even alien technology is already being utilized or studied for adaptation for use in this world.

There is a small group of people on Earth ... they are the Universal parasites! 
	  Disturbers, negative elements; soon they will be eradicated. ... we will not have them disturb our preparations and plans 
	  for the Earth planet.

On the other side, the rationalists and religionists debunk the whole thing as bogus. The rationalists consider it a bunch of fairy tales; the religionists with a warning that the phenomenon smacks of demonology or the devil and his angels in a massive deception being perpetrated on the whole world.

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  • Just what is the REAL story behind UFOs? Why do ghosts and strange phenomenon keep cropping up together with UFO activities?
  • UFO entities' hidden agenda for Earth finally revealed! Hidden in some UFO communications a message has been found that reveals their true hidden agenda for the Earth planet!
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